What our customers think

In poor health and needed to go to dentist. This company could not have looked after me any better. Really impressed. Definitely use them again.


Great company, very professional and great bunch of drivers.


Reliable efficient friendly service with clean roadworthy cars,  but most importantly the cheapest taxi company in Motherwell, Wishaw, Bellshill & Uddingston areas.


Cannot thank private hire enough for yesterday!

My little cat was attacked off a dog around dinner time yesterday and we tried everything to get her to a vet, unfortunately we were unsuccessful and came to the heart breaking decision to sign her over to the SSPCA as we were unable to pay emergency vet bill straight away and she needed veterinary care, we didn’t know how bad her injuries would be and we were running out of time.

I phoned private hire and asked if there was any possibility that I would be able to get a driver who could run me to Charing Cross to the emergency vets for free as I needed to get her to a vet, they asked me to call back in around 10 mins to see if they could get a driver as they are self-employed they would be losing out on a hire, when I called back I was told they had a driver and they would send him round, by this point I’m relieved a little at least we can get her to the vets although we wouldn’t be bringing her home as the SSPCA would be taking over her vet bills and would rehome her as we were not in a financial situation to pay.

Driver 054 agreed to run us in and back free, when hearing that we wouldn’t get my cat back after this he went that extra mile and paid towards my cat’s vet bill so we didn’t have to sign her over and could bring her back home and waited until she was seen and ready to come home then ran us back,

I honestly cannot thank this driver enough, I’ve had my cat for the last 6 years and it was heart breaking to think I wouldn’t see her again, what this driver done for us yesterday out of the kindness in his heart is just priceless and I will be forever thankful to him.

Thank you, so much private hire.


I must get these taxis at least 10-15 times a fortnight or sometimes more and I have never been let down. The drivers are friendly, they are efficient and they are so affordable that even my mum gets them and she grudges getting taxis. She would rather walk. So, if they can convince her then they must be good!